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Come for an evening of music celebrating Rhythm & Blues and Jazz with Jay Douglas and Kollage featuring Alexis Baro.


Singer Jay Douglas’ untold musical history is played out on stage with selections from his ground-breaking new album “Confession”. The album was inspired by his love for early Rhythm & Blues, a new music in post WWII America that was coming out of Memphis and New Orleans. This music had a big impact on Jay as a young artist growing up in Jamaica and that influence would eventually travel with him to Canada.


Kollage featuring Alexis Baro takes the audience on a musical journey back in time to New York in the period of the mid 50’s to mid 60’s when a style of music referred to as “Hard Bop” was a new current within jazz.

It incorporated influences from rhythm and blues, gospel music, and blues. It was a natural creation of a generation of African-American Musicians who grew up at a time when bop and rhythm and blues were the dominant forms of Black music in America. It attracted the the hippiest young black musicians, the most musically advanced, those with the most solid technical skills and the strongest sense of themselves, not only as entertainers but as artists.  

This music is what inspired the original founders of Kollage Archie Alleyne and Doug Richardson to create this Canadian musical institution.

Kollage lineup:

Alexis Baro (original member) - trumpet

Mei Kelly (original member) - trombone

Colleen Allen (guest artist) - saxophone and flute

Neil Swainson (guest artist) - bass

Mark Hundevad (guest artist) - drums

Stacie McGregor (musical director) - piano

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